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Education is widely recognized as being a major key to breaking the cycle of nihilism and poverty in the developing world. This is why we are committed to helping our local partners in developing communities where we work build new schools, train teachers, provide access to technology, promote English instruction, and develop locally appropriate curricula.


While the exact model may change based on the people, culture and location of a project, our commitment to provide access to education is a critical component of our development model. Our success in places like Nepal has been largely due to the vocational and educational breakthroughs achieved by our local partners.


Perhaps no issue is more pressing in the developing world today than that of access to clean water. Indeed, more people worldwide die each year from lack of clean water than are killed in violence of any kind. For this reason, water resource development is a prime focus area for True Sojourners. With our team working in regions of the world where clean water is incredibly scarce, we recognize the importance of supporting efforts to develop more sustainable access to this critically important resource.


By partnering with groups and individuals with expertise in water resource management, we aim to help provide access to clean water in all developing communities where we are in invested.

Percentage of World Population Without Reasonable Access to Drinking Water


Medical Ministry In Established Communities

True Sojourners has the privilege of partnering with some of the brightest and most capable medical professionals to provide high quality healthcare to those in need. 

As a strategic area of ministry that is incredibly important to our team, blessing families through medical care and counseling in established communities will be a major focus area for our organization in the years ahead.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Developing Communities

Medical experts repeatedly state that the cause of most disease and death in the developing world has little to do with complicated health issues, and much to do with minor, preventable or treatable issues. This is why we emphasize health education right up front, so that many of the simple diseases that afflict so many can be either prevented or diagnosed and treated appropriately.


However, the reality is that people occasionally do need access to medicine or healthcare that has been traditionally inaccessible to them. While we’re thankful for the progress we've made in health education, we hope to increase our competence in healthcare in the years ahead. Accordingly, we are recruiting new staff and volunteers with a passion for healthcare to join our team of dedicated medical professionals.


Human trafficking has been identified as the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. It can involve the buying and selling of people, forced sexual exploitation, bonded labor, or the general holding of others against their will. We do not take lightly our privilege to assist people who are caught in the vicious web of human trafficking around the world.


True Sojourners has seen much success on this front in our Bridge to Nepal project and we are carefully and actively pursuing opportunities to further assist those suffering under the bondage of the human trafficking industry in other nations where our staff are working.


Sustainable commerce is a vitally important component to the growth of a developing community. Helping individuals and families to become self-sustaining is unquestionably one of the most important aspects of our development work. The poverty cycle will never be broken as long as people need to rely on outside assistance for basic necessities.


True Sojourners has invested in micro-loan programs and grants to small business entrepreneurs so that they can meet their own needs and thereby achieve a level of dignity that every human being deserves.


There are tens of millions of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP’s) in the world today, which is mainly attributed to war, famine and political instability. It’s never easy to be displaced from your home and forced to resettle in a foreign land. And we are thankful for the countless agencies and organizations who seek to assist refugees who are displaced to countries in the West.

However, the majority of refugees and IDP’s in the world today are not relocated to the West, but to other hard places throughout the world. In fact, many simply move from one hard place to another in search of refuge. This is why we make refugees and IDP’s one of the focal points of our work. We are not willing to allow these nameless and faceless millions to be forgotten.


Our commitment to development is aimed at eliminating the need for ongoing aid for the people we work with, but the fact remains that sometimes emergency relief is needed. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to be involved in development work today without involvement in the emergency relief phase as well.


Wars, natural disasters, and other unpredictable events simply cannot always be accounted for. For this reason, True Sojourners allocates resources to providing relief for the acute suffering of those in hard places as the need arises. Crisis response is often times the first step in establishing a relationship through which more sustainable care can be administered. 

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