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True Sojourners is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to blessing and empowering the people of all corners of the world with tangible demonstrations of love. We accomplish this through a series of unique development projects that are all done in partnership with local leaders who direct each initiative.


We believe all people should have access to God's blessings to humanity, with no strings attached.  Blessing can take various forms, but often includes things like the opportunity to be educated, to receive medical care, to drink clean water and to personally know that you are loved.


The aim of our long-term, self-sustaining development model is that the people we are seeking to bless are not continually dependent on outside assistance. Our partners are highly gifted, visionary leaders that are quite capable of self-sufficiency once connected with necessary resources.


While buildings can be important to the success of some initiatives, we value people above structures and projects. Therefore, according to us, the truest measure of the success of our initiatives always lies in the lives of the local people who we are seeking to bless.

Holding Hands

We take extreme measures to bless all peoples within our reach. This includes both communities that have received little attention from other aid organizations. Whether it be a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, a remote mountaintop village or in the middle of the desert, we want all people to know and experience God’s blessings in their lives.


Our field staff believe that difficulty and risk are part of the calling. And therefore, we are willing to take on "unconventional" projects in order to see progress in new communities. Some of our most fruitful work has come through the most sacrificial and most unordinary means.


For True Sojourners, partnership isn’t just an ideal, it’s a necessity. Our cross-cultural projects have little or no chance of success without an honest exchange of ideas and resources between East and West. We both have so much to offer each other, who would want it any other way?


We assist our partners with things like vision, sustainability, funding, research, and training. We have long-term relationships with each national partner so that things like transparency and trust are unquestionably clear. 

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